The idea

Martinscoat is the symbol of sharing a coat, as St. Martin did to cover a needy person.  Incidentally, it is also the symbol of my current hometown of Utrecht.

It is known that some of the richest people of the world are willing to spend half of their wealth on charity.

With this project, the donor also get a monument, which can even be seen from outer space the next time he starts by the passenger rocket from SpaceX. A green landscape with the shape of the name or the symbol of the giver.

Rising up in no man’s land; a land that was abandoned by its former people or in the desert and which will be reborn to a new and better society. On this land, people can cultivate plants and animals for their own needs and for sale in cooperative initiatives. Areas of around 50 x 50 km² can be created for 1 million people, the population of one of the biggest modern slums.